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    Waverly Winston just represents two VERY different styles to me, that it's too hard to mesh together. Grier, Poppy, Lark and Maude however, are great.
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    Sounds like a fictional character. Little too over-the-top. Poppy Winston is lovely.

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    I came in here planning to say please DO NOT give Waverly the middle name Winston, however, I happily see that is not the case. As with alliterative names, you either love them, or you hate them. They are very fun sounding and flow nicely because of the complimenting syllable count and sounds. I love Waverly and think if you love it you should use it too! Maybe avoid a W middle! Initials WWW would be cool though!

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    I really like Waverly! But it is a bit much in my opinion. But if you love it, I think it's fine! One that I also really like and sounds similar is Everlie, which would go really well with your last name!
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    Waverly Winston kind of sounds like a 'mean girl' character in a movie. Seperately, I love both names, but I fear the child wouldn't be taken seriously. I have an alliterative name that's also a bit over-the-top...I often consider changing it.

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