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    Maeve and...

    Back to the drawing board, trying to refine our list for Maeve Alice's little brother or sister (TTC).

    Please give your reactions / thoughts to these possible names. Combos and new ideas welcomed!

    Arlo (definite front runner atm)

    Anneke (nn Annie)
    Greer (very nearly used this for Maeve!)

    Names sadly vetoed: Io, Flora, Anouk, Nour, Elinor, Miles, Hugo, Alfred.

    Thank you!!

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    Maeve Alice is beautiful! One of my dance students is a Maeve and my sister is Alice

    Im sad to see Hugo vetoed as it's one of my favourites and I think it's lovely with Maeve!
    I really like Arlo!
    Luca and Jaspar are both nice, and I could see them with Maeve.
    Saul is very cool! I've never heard it on someone before!
    You've got a great bunch of boys choices!

    Greer is my favourite of your girl choices.
    Anneke and Sansa are both interesting, but not my style. I like Sansa better, but think that Anneke goes better with Maeve.
    Allegra and Jane are also nice but I just like them with Maeve as a sister, not love.
    I would suggest Nola to go with Maeve. Not sure if it's your style but I love them together!
    Elsa might also be nice?

    Good luck!
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    Luca is perfect for a boys name. Anneke goes best with Maeve, but it isn't very pretty to look at like Maeve. It doesn't sound like your style, but I think Anastasia would work. Maeve, Luca, and Anastasia.
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    Of your boys' names, I think Saul goes the best with Maeve. I also really like Arlo w/Maeve. Super cute. Luca and Jasper are not my favorites. Luca is cute, but I don't think it really goes with Maeve and my cat is named Jasper so I have a hard time disassociating the name from my spectacular feline.

    Of your girls' names, I like Greer the best (one of my faves) and I think it is PERFECT w/Maeve. Second fave is Anneke though I don't think it goes as well. I love that name, though. Jane also goes well but it doesn't have that punch that Maeve has. Sansa and Allegra? Mehhh. I'm a huge Game of Thrones nut and I also have allergy problems so those names both have strong associations for me.

    Saul, Arlo
    Greer, Anneke, Jane

    Luca, Jasper
    Sansa, Allegra

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