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    Boy names ending in -n, bad with last name Winston?

    Hey Everyone,

    So I can't help but be drawn to boys name that have a strong -n ending. I especailly am liking Lucian, Quinn, Larkin, or Landon. My question is I feel that these kind of names do not flow the best with our last name Winston, having the same -n ending. Would love everyone's thoughts.

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    I think it depends on the sounds in the names. For example, to me Quinn Winston doesn't work (too rhymey, hard to say).

    But Landon or Lucian sound different enough from Winston where it could work. The flow isn't the best I've ever heard, but if you love them I'd still use them (rather than choosing a name you like less for a better flow)

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    This one is tough... I would definitely agree that Quinn Winston sounds super rhymey and just plain corny (a shame because Quinn is really such a nice strong male name!) but something about Landon Winston caught me eye. Yes, the double -on ending isn't absolutely perfect on the ear, but they don't automatically seem wrong either. It's got a lovely ring to it, I think. And they compliment each other just enough. Landon Winston. Strong and powerful. Sounds like a man that will do great things!

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