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    I love Julia Kate as well! And congratulations! So happy you are finally getting your baby girl

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    Jul 2013
    Isabelle Kate is lovely.
    I find Julia Kate choppy also.

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    Isabelle Kate is beautiful.

    Have you considered Juliet Kate?
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    Russell. Calloway. Brighton.

    Evadne. Cecelia. Thomasina.

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    Both are pretty! I prefer Julia Kate to Isabelle Kate, but I am a little biased as Julia is my first name.
    Love other berries suggestions of Juliet or Seraphine.

    More Suggestions

    Odette Kate - love this one!
    Adeline Kate
    Cherie Kate
    Delphine Kate
    Estelle Kate
    Marguerite Kate
    Melusine Kate

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    I like Isabelle Kate if both names will be used together as a double name. Otherwise just Isabelle is very popular. I met a Mary Scarlett the other day and thought the name was lovely and not too long. This has the same syllables and a great flow, I can definitely see it as a double name.
    But if you plan on using just the first Julia is more uncommon and still quite beautiful, and would get my vote.

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