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    @asps123 - When my daughters were younger people always thought they were boys because of their lack of hair! It only bothered me once. When Elizabeth was about 18months old, wearing a pink dress and a pink headband and someone thought she was a boy and I had to correct the 4 times. Later I laughted about it though because obviously they weren't really paying attention if they couldn't tell she's a girl.
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    I have never come across this myself, but I would be flabbergasted were I to meet a parent who would get huffy about this. By the way, Holiday is one of my favorite names! But I would never dream of misspelling it like that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparrowfinch View Post
    Although I would never name my child a name like that, it's fine with me if they spell it however they want as long as they aren't rude about it. Having grown up with a tough-to-pronounce last name, I'm used to correcting people or letting it slide. I've told some of the funnier pronunciations as faux-annoyed stories, but I would never be rude to someone because they couldn't pronounce a name they'd never seen before.

    The price for pushing the envelope is raised eyebrows, so if you want your name to be "new," "unpopular," or "unusual," you HAVE to realize that means unfamiliarity for people and that they are going to mispronounce.
    That. Don't be rude. My last name was always misspelled, mispronounced, but so was my first name. And honestly, I just don't see how Gina is that hard, but I was Jenna constantly. When I was working, I HATED it that I was always supposed to KNOW how people spelled their kids name when I was trying to bill insurances. Sorry, I can't read your mind, and I grew up with my sister being Tracee. I understand some things are spelled differently. No need to be rude, but just understand that if you choose a "unique" spelling, people are going to have to ask. Besides that, so many people are using strange spellings that you have to ask most of the time anyway. The only time I get rude is when the same lady that kept my daughter at least once a week, sometimes two or three times a week, still couldn't figure out how to pronounce Malia after FOUR YEARS of consistently seeing my daughter every single week.
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    I can't agree more with everyone. I don't understand how spelling a classic or poplar name different makes it unique... Especially, in everyday life you most likely tell someone your child's name, without spelling, when asked what their little cutie's name is. It's just obnoxious to think everyone should already know better than to question the pronunciation of your child's name, or spell is correct but incorrect according to the parents ridiculous spelling of it. It's just annoying overall. lol
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    I do agree! My boys all have names that could be either boys or girls: Vale, Flynn and Darby. I don't get annoyed when people get it wrong, I just politely correct people if it is important to do so (which much of the time it isn't). Vale is starting to correct people for himself now - he's a little more direct "I'm a boy, silly" but being only 5 years old we'll forgive him for now!

    However, people who get cross about something they have deliberately done, just baffles me! I had a mother launch into abuse at me because I assumed her little Henry was a boy! I mean surely she knew that Henry is predominately (only imo) a boys name. I don't have a problem with her calling her daughter that but don't bite my head off for the consequences your decision!
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