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    Help me with Boys names!

    Hi All!

    I like fun names, geeky names are okay.

    Nature names are awesome, but not necessary.

    We have been in a naming rut for a while, and since we are not finding out what we are having, I feel I need a good list for both genders.

    So far, our top boy's names are


    Some combos are Reid or Remy with Jonathan as a middle name (Reid Jonathan, Remy Jonathan)
    Another is Hawthorne Reid or some other middle name.

    Reid is a family name, but a bit too trendy now. Remy is cool, but has some negative connotations (its also the name of alcoholic beverage). Hawthorne is a nice, under used nature name, but some people think its too pretentious, or too hippy.

    Opinions are welcome. Just not too mean, I like all these names for different reasons.

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    I like all of your name choices, pretty awesome names.

    Especially love:
    Remy Jonathan - What negative connotations does Remy have with it? I only have ever heard this name on the animated movie Ratatouille before.
    Hawthorne Reid - No, this name is not too pretentious or too hippy, to me it sounds very regal and classic but not too common.

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    The only one I'm not too fond of from your list is Remy. I don't mind it as a nn. Remington has a similar problem to Hawthorn with feeling a tad pretentious, but it's a solid name. How about a longer name with Remy as a nickname for.... Jeremy, Jeremiah, Roman, or Ephraim? Based on your other names I assume you won't be into Remus

    Or you could use it for a girl as well--Rosemary or Ramona.

    Jonathan is always a solid choice and Jonathan Reid sounds great.

    Hawthorne is a bit trendy now, but it could work depending on your style. nn's Hawk, Thorn, Thane, even Theo could make it more usable.
    Hawthorne Reid is a bit too many word names together though, so maybe something else in the middle. Hawthorne Remy and Hawthorne Jonathan don't really work that great either.
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    I really like all your name choices, and they all mix and match so nicely. I don't find Hawthorne to pretentious at all, Hawthorne Reid is awesome.
    I've never heard of an alcohol beverage called Remy, and even if I had it's not a very obvious association like vodka would be. So Remy I'd say is pretty safe to use.

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    Thank you everyone for your feedback so far! I really appreciate it

    I've also started asking people IRL. I've gotten mostly positive feedback, so that makes me feel good. I realize some of my names aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but that's okay too

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