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    WDYT of Zachary?

    I'm changing my surname. This is one of the top contenders (next to Malone). Since it is also a first name I was wondering what kind of response it evokes? Is it a positive one? Zachary and Malone are both surnames in my family.

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    I think it's fine but I definitely would think it was a first name. I like the sound of Malone more, but it totally depends on the rest of your name. For example, Winter Sage Malone sounds better than Winter Sage Zachary. to me.
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    I really don't have a response to surnames, honestly. I've heard Zachary as a surname and didn't think much of it. Between Zachary and Malone, I prefer Zachary.

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    I like Zachary as a name, but I think if you're choosing a new surname you should go with one that is more typically a last name (like Malone) as opposed to a first name. Yes, I'm sure there are people walking around with the first name Malone, but I'm also sure that there are many more people with the first name Zachary. Also, Malone is very nice
    I had/have a first name as a last name for both my maiden name and married name, and take it from me, sometimes it's just downright frustrating to constantly be correcting people who mistakenly think that your last name is your first name.

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    My last name is a common first name like Zachary, and I've never had any problems with it. No one ever thinks my last name is my first. No one ever needs me to spell it either, and no one ever mispronounces it. So if Zachary sounds good with your first and middle names, go for it. I've never heard of Zachary as a last name, and it sounds really cool, honestly.

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