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    Quote Originally Posted by alphabetdem View Post
    But I think the mindset is that they're naming a baby, or a little kid, and they don't think about them as an adult. They don't consider that their newborn will one day have to deal with student loans or a mortgage or job applications, and all the phone calling and paperwork that comes along with those and what a major freaking headache it is without the "unique" spelling of their name… much less with it!!
    I think this hits the nail on the head.

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    Although I would never name my child a name like that, it's fine with me if they spell it however they want as long as they aren't rude about it. Having grown up with a tough-to-pronounce last name, I'm used to correcting people or letting it slide. I've told some of the funnier pronunciations as faux-annoyed stories, but I would never be rude to someone because they couldn't pronounce a name they'd never seen before.

    The price for pushing the envelope is raised eyebrows, so if you want your name to be "new," "unpopular," or "unusual," you HAVE to realize that means unfamiliarity for people and that they are going to mispronounce.
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    I don't know why people think changing the spelling of a name makes it "unique." The name Kaiella is always gonna be pronounced "Kayla" now matter how you spell it. My idea of a unique name is something you don't hear very often like Caledon or Kellan.
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    Weirdly, I knew that was supposed to be "Patience" at first glance. Not saying that it's obvious (it's totally not obvious and on second glance I probably would have second guessed myself and tried to say 'pie-shins' or something), I think it's actually a statement about how little I'm surprised when parents stupidly misspell their kids' names on purpose.

    My name is Kaitlin, and yes, I have to spell it all the time. But it doesn't bother me that I have a variant spelling of a popular name - which by the way, everyone constantly spells wrong, even people in my family, as either Caitlin or Kaitlyn - because it's an accepted variation. Like Catherine vs. Kathryn. When people misspell names in ways that don't even phonetically make sense ("Qathyrhynne" for Kathryn as an example) that irks me. What I hate the most is when people take a WORD name and then purposely spell it wrong. It just looks illiterate and tasteless.

    Same thing with the gender flipping. I don't mind unisex names, I really don't. But one of the pitfalls of unisex names is that there might be someone, someday, who mistakes your kid for the other gender so I think as a parent if you want to use a unisex name, you have to come to terms with that and be understanding.

    Also, I find it really ironic that someone who named their daughter "Patience" didn't seem to have any of their own.
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    My thing is ok you admit you spelled it that way to be different, so clearly you wouldn't expect the person to have seen the name before. The parents should be offended if you don't mispronounce it... like it's the 3rd Peishens you've talked to that day.

    Same with gender-flipped names: if you chose a boy name so your daughter will be one of a kind (or so most parents seem to think), then you should be happy when people assume you have a boy because that means they would never expect it to be a girl's name.
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