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    I don't understand the creative spellings at all. It's not like people spell names at each other. And most of the time when names are written then last names get written down too. It's not helping your child stand out it's just causing trouble.
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    Ugh, I hate this too! It's like if you know you picked a gender bending name or chose to spell a name differently, then you shouldn't be flabbergasted as to why someone might think it's a boy/girl or pronounce the name wrong. People need to seriously think about things in the long run, sure it might not bother you the first few times you have to correct people, but if you are going to become annoyed at the 50th, then you shouldn't use the name.

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    Oh, I'm so with you! It a ridiculous trend and makes the parents seem illiterate and uneducated. And, unfortunately, a silly name reflects badly on the child, even though it's not their fault.
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    There's a kid i know and his name is Learning. I'm not kidding either.

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    First, I completely agree with you and everything that's been said. This is one of my biggest pet peeves, it makes the parents look like idiots, and when the kids grow up, it kinda makes them look like idiot adults too, because you're not quite sure if they chose that spelling to be different or their parents did. Especially teenagers.

    It particularly irks me because they think they're being so unique and original for their little prince/princess, and they're not. They're just being obstinate, and putting their kid at a disadvantage. I'm going through the process of obtaining a student loan for grad school right now and if I had to deal with trying to explain Peishens and spell it for every single person at the Department of Education I'd still be on the first phone call I had to make. Poor child!

    But I think the mindset is that they're naming a baby, or a little kid, and they don't think about them as an adult. They don't consider that their newborn will one day have to deal with student loans or a mortgage or job applications, and all the phone calling and paperwork that comes along with those and what a major freaking headache it is without the "unique" spelling of their name… much less with it!!
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