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    Looking for general thoughts on this name (no children on the horizon).

    Apolena is the Slovak variant of Apollonia. I've loved Apollonia for quite sometime, but I usually get very polarizing results. I believe this is due in part to strong associations that some have with the name (Purple Rain, Apollonia 6, The Godfather). So, like a good name nerd, I went hunting for variations and found Apolline (which has strong Harry Potter associations) and Apolena. I have some Slovak in my background in addition to Italian and would like to name future children names will pleasing to both side of my family.

    1) General reactions. Even blunt ones. (I have some ideas and am curious if others seem what I see as a potential teasing issue or if I'm oversensitive)
    2) How would you say it?
    3) What nicknames would you use? (I was think either Polly or Lena)
    4) What middle name would use? (mainly why I'm on the fence about it, I don't think any of my other favorites sound good with it)

    Thank you!
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    1) I like the sound and Apolline is a really pretty name. I'm not that keen on the Apolena spelling though. To me there's something not right with it aesthetically.
    2) This is the part that gets me. With this spelling, I'm tempted to say ah-pol-AY-nuh when I want to say ah-pol-EEN-uh.
    3) Love Polly Apple? Pol? Ollie?
    4) Hmmm... anything containing the 'een' sound or ending in 'a' is out. Apolena Eurydice would work but I think there'd be some pronunciation issues.

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    1) Apolena. I love it. It has four of my five favorite name letters in it (weird, I know, sorry). It's got a lovely sound. It's a pretty name without being too flowery for my tastes, aka, it's an A+ for me.
    2) My first instinct is ah-po-LAY-nuh, but I can just as easily see ah-po-LEE-nuh. I like both quite a lot.
    3) Polly, just gotta be honest, not a fan, but Lena is very nice, I think
    4) Choosing a good middle name I think depends a lot on how it flows with the last name, so it's hard to say. I think I would go for names that don't share the same long vowel sound that you choose for pronunciation. So for example, Catherine would be fine with either. But if you go ah-po-LAY-nuh, Jane would be kind of icky, and if you go ah-po-LEE-nuh, names with the 'ee' sound like Christine would be kind of meh. Other than that, my apologies, I have no suggestions!

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