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    Eviana: It does seem kinda made-up. Also, the word Evian is in there.

    Annevieve:I don't like this one or Genevieve. I think I generally dislike the soft G and the V sound together in any name, though. My HS boyfriend had an older relative he was very close with whom he called "Veva"--short for the Spanish version of Genevieve, Genoveva (with the "G" pronounced like an English "H," of course) and I used to think that was kind of cool.

    Briette: Sounds made up? To elaborate: My own issue with made-up names is that they tend to connote "low class," or lack of education, and I've been influenced enough by my life experiences to want to avoid those connotations in general where names are concerned.

    Maelie: Also seems made up? If I had to choose, I'd probably go with Miley.

    Everly: Meh. I know it's getting popular, but I find it underwhelming. I could see maybe using it if you're a big Everly Bros. fan?

    Viola: I grew up around a horrible woman named Viola who always reminded me of a witch. I think I still need a few more years before I can really evaluate the name on its own merits.

    Kensley: Dislike. Feels like its trying to hit on about three different trends at once, and I'm generally not fond of the real trendy stuff.

    Livia: Ok. It's almost Olivia, which I've always liked but which is, of course, massively popular right now. Anyhow, I don't like Livia nearly as much as I like Olivia.

    Bay: Very nice. Just such a pretty sound, and great imagery (the landform, or the color of a horse's coat).

    Saoirse: It's a cool sounding name, to be sure. The Gaelic names are hard on my eyes/brain in general, because their spellings are often so at odds with English phonics. I'm guessing there would be pronunciation issues, but maybe those aren't such a big deal if you dig the name

    Remy: I've only ever heard this on a boy, but I don't think I like it much either way.

    Linden - I really like this one for a girl! I like nature names, and my brain went right to the tree. Funny, but I don't think I even would have thought of Lyndon. They almost seem like different names to me.
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    Eviana - I think its pretty, but a little to frilly for my taste. But I think its similar enough to names like Evanna and Eliana to not seem made up
    Annevieve - I like Genevieve better, too.
    Briette - This does look too made up. It feels kind of down market too. Like Briana or Brittany trying to hard to be French.
    Maelie - I actually like Maelie but more so spelled Maylie. I think Maylie could be a cute nickname for Marie.
    Everly - NMS. A lot of people seem to like it but I'm not a fan of the meaning and its becoming really trendy.
    Viola - Its okay but I like Violet better. Viola is not a very nice word in Spanish so it puts me off. Plus it seems kind of old ladyish
    Kensley - Please, no. I think the Kens/Kins beginning is way too cutesy for a grown woman and adding a "lee" to just makes it cutesier. I don't think I could take a forty year old seriously with a name like this.
    Livia - Really pretty. I like it.
    Bay - Bay seems to short for me. My sister calls her cat Bay, short for Baby so it always makes me think of someone called Baby.
    Saoirse - Maybe. I know a girl with a Gaelic name and her name gets butchered all the time but once people are corrected they tend not to forget how to pronounce it.

    Remy - I think Remy would be a cute nickname for Rosemarie, Rosemary or Rose Emmeline

    Linden - I like this better for a boy, but its not bad. I like for a middle name for a girl as well
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    Thank you so much guys!! I love reading everyone's opinions! You guys point out things that I never would have thought of on my own. I had no idea that channing tatums daughter was named everly... to bad!

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    Eviana - Yes, it looks trendy and made up.
    Annevieve - This is made up, too.
    Briette - Is this supposed to be an attempt at making Brie French?
    Maelie - Miley's not any better, no.
    Everly - Way too trendy.
    Viola - I prefer Violet. Viola reminds me of voila.
    Kensley - Again, trendy. Kensie/Kenzie is a little better.
    Livia - I prefer Olivia.
    Bay - Does nothing for me other than think of a bay of water.
    Saoirse - If you're American, the pronunciation will definitely be too difficult.
    Remy - Male, male, male. Thousand times male.
    Linden - I prefer Lyndon for a boy but Linden would work, too.
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    These names are really cool -- I can see why they caught your eye!

    Eviana - Yes, this sounds a little made up and my first thought was Evian. However, seeing a name in print and thinking those things is totally different from how one might feel meeting a person with that name. Once the name is tied to a person, it becomes more "real" (vs. made-up) and often less tied to any things it sounds like. If I met someone with this name I would think it was stunning and fun to say!
    Annevieve - Very pretty and rare.
    Briette -- Sounds abrupt
    Maelie - Is this pronounced like Miley? B/c, if so, the Miley spelling is better. I think the name is far too tied to Miley Cyrus at this point though.
    Everly -- On-trend, but still, very pretty. You might also like Ainsley and Waverly.
    Viola -- This name is cool, but I would never use it.
    Kensley -- Sounds a little too surname/brandname for my taste
    Livia -- Very pretty and sounds totally distinct from Olivia.
    Bay -- This is a very pretty and serene name.
    Saoirse - I've always found this hard to pronounce.
    Remy - Yes, this is masculine to me
    Linden, Lyndon -- Both better for boys
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