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Thread: Michelle

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    Is Michelle way too dated? I think it is beautiful, but would it be perceived as boring? Thanks!

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    Jul 2013
    It does feel 70s and 80s to me. But I wouldn't consider it too dated. There are plenty of hip namesakes; politics aside, Michelle Obama is a pretty happening lady and Michelle Williams is fantastic. It has a pleasant sound and I think it would be great on a little one. I say go for it.

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    It isn't mentioned here often, but I really like it. Makes me think of the Beatles song.

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    Michelle is with Lisa and Nicole. Pretty enough sound, but nowhere near ready for a revival, I think. Stuck firmly in the territory of 'ubiquitous mom-name' for now.

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    When I was in kindergarten in 1955, there was a nice little girl named Michelle in my class. She always put her little blanket next to mine at nap time while the teacher played the piano. Being only five, and never having heard that name before, i always wondered why the teacher called her 'Miss Shell" and why she was the only girl called Miss and the rest of us were called by out first names. That being said, I feel like the 50's called and want the name back. Also, there is a certain woman in public life that I don't care for, and would never use the name because of that.

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