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    I really like Liam with Gavin!

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    Huxley and Norah are my favorites, Liam is my second favorite boy on your list. Best wishes!

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    Gavin is a lovely name! You've got some great choices here.
    Your style looks like traditional meets quirky to me

    Oliver Michael- I love the name Oliver! It goes well with Gavin and your last name. I do feel like it's a bit predictable, and it's a common name- if that doesn't bother you then go for it!
    Caleb Michael- Caleb is a long time favourite of mine. I think it is a classic name that will never feel trendy, and it never seems to be too popular (at least where I live). Definitely a favourite!
    Elijah Michael- I love the nickname Eli, but I'm not as much a fan of Elijah as a full name. It still goes very well with Gavin though. When I say Elijah Wright out loud it doesn't flow fantastically..? Is that just me though?
    Huxley Michael- Sorry, not my style. I think it's cute actually and wouldn't mind seeing it on a kid, but it feels a bit nicknamey and not as traditional as Gavin.
    Liam Michael- This is way popular where I live and popularity usually doesn't kill a name for me, but sadly it has for Liam. If it's not popular in your area it is still a great name! I like William with the nn Liam.
    Felix Michael- Love this name! Quirky and fun yet still traditional and timeless. Goes great with Gavin!
    Elias Michael- I definitely like this better than Elijah to get the nickname Eli. It doesn't have as much of a kick (IMO) as Felix or Caleb, but still nice.

    Tessa Lynn- Tessa is adorable! Goes with Gavin! Great matching style wise.
    Norah Lynn- I love the name Nora (I prefer it without the H) One of my own favourites! Nora and Gavin is such a great sibset!
    Fiona Lynn- Who doesn't love Fiona? This is such a great name, and it's still pretty uncommon! Fiona and Gavin is to die for!!!
    Aubrey Lynn- I prefer Audrey to Aubrey, but yet it doesn't seem to have that kick to it... Still a lovely name though!
    Arianna Lynn- Sorry, not my style.
    Keira Lynn- I like Keira, but don't love it. It's a nice name, but is bordering on trendy.
    Suggestion: Naomi - I fell like this has a similar feel to Keira, but is less trendy feeling.

    I really adore your naming style! It's very similar to mine I think! You have so many great choices I can't see you going wrong! You will end up with some fantastically named kids!

    My favourites are Gavin & Caleb OR Gavin & Felix,
    Gavin & Nora OR Gavin & Fiona.

    ...Better yet... Gavin, Felix & Nora OR Gavin, Caleb & Fiona

    Good luck!
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    I like Liam or Fiona best with Gavin. I also like Oliver and Norah or Keira, but I think names with R in them are awkward to say with your last name.

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    Oliver Michael: Oliver is nice and goes well with Gavin but it seems to blend in more than stand out like many of your other options.
    Caleb Michael: Caleb is such a pleasant name with a very hardy but I don't love it with Gavin.
    Elijah Michael: The flow is not my favorite and it feels very different than Gavin to me, I think you have many better choices.
    Huxley Michael: I really like Huxley I think it works very well with your middle and surname and I love how unconventional it is.
    Liam Michael: Liam is a great name and while it is fairly common it works well with Gavin.
    Felix Michael: My hands down favorite Felix is such a wonderful name and I absolutely love it with Gavin such an adorable sibset. Felix is an upbeat spunky name with a ton of character and a real joyful feel.
    Elias Michael: Like Elijah I just feel this seems a bit odd with Gavin, certainly not my favorite.

    Tessa Lynn: Definitely my favorite Tessa is lively and colorful and I picture an adorable little girl who is very creative and confident in herself! Not to mention Tessa and Gavin is an amazing sibset, too cute!
    Norah Lynn: I really like Norah I think it is classic while still being less common allowing it to maintain an air of individuality.
    Fiona Lynn: Fiona is lovely but I feel it pales in comparison to Tessa, they both have a similar feel but Tessa is such a standout that Fiona seems less desirable.
    Aubrey Lynn: Aubrey is alright but I feel the flow is a bit off with Lynn and since you have so many great girls names I would avoid this.
    Arianna Lynn: Arianna is nice but it seems a bit lackluster compared to Tessa and Norah.
    Keira Lynn: I like Keira but not so much with Lynn and again it just doesn't compare to Tessa!

    All in all great names! I would go with Felix Michael Wright or Tessa Lynn Wright as they both have a certain spark that really gives them an edge over your other choices. Both work beautifully with Gavin and bring their own individual feel to the table. My second choices would be Huxley and Norah. I really don't think you can go wrong in your decision. Can't wait to see what you pick
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