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    Unusual Civil/Human Rights Names?

    We love Stetson (after William Stetson Kennedy). My fiance loves history and seems to be leaning towards human rights/civil rights activists, and I like names that are strong and a bit unusual, but not too out of the box. So far we've thought about Stetson Kennard (Clyde Kennard) or Stetson Evers (Medgar Evers). Evers seems cool, but I'm worried the 's' is too much. Any suggestions?

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    Welcome to Nameberry brittles!

    Have you heard of Virgil Lamar Ware? He was a 13 year old boy from Alabama shot by white teenagers from a segregationist rally. He's more of a martyr than an activist, but he had a brilliant name, despite it being such a sad tale. Stetson Virgil is a good name.

    Stetson Evers doesn't have too much s in my opinion, I prefer it to Stetson Kennard.
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    Thanks for the input Mehri! Looking at names of important figures, and perusing names from stories of the time (that may not have necessarily belonged to activists) is a good idea.

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    Emmett (Till), more of a martyr, similar to above.
    Bayard (Rustin) - organized 1963 march on Washington. Non-violent protest advocate, a la Ghandi.
    Huey (Newton), Eldridge (Cleaver) - Black Panthers.
    (John) Lewis, (Ralph) Abernathy, Malcolm, Cassius, Martin, Luther of course.

    of the names you have so far, Evers is my favorite. but I think Stetson Evers sounds pretty good. I also like Emmett, Bayard, Eldridge and Cassius.
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    I love this idea. I'm really into strong female role models as names for my future daughters, so I definitely come from the same mold. I suggest looking at lists of heroes:

    (American) Library of Congress heroes project: American Memory from the Library of Congress - Home Page

    International list of 1000 people who have made the world a better place:

    List of the 20th century heroes: People of the Century - TIME

    My only problem with the name Stetson is that I think people will assume it's after the boots/hat and that you're a country music fan or southern, and be really confused. But he's obviously a hero of yours, and if that doesn't bother you, then the fact that he's your hero is obviously far more important and I (OF COURSE!) wouldn't dissuade you from it.
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