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    Old Fashioned Game?

    I did not have internet this morning and was bored. I saw a paper where I had been playing baby name games on this site and I thought I wish I could do this now. Sooooo I got a baby name book. I picked a last name at random and figured the family on a whim. Then I took a name book and just flipped through the pages stopping at random and picking a name from either the right or left pages.

    I guess if you do not have a baby name book you can pick lists at random.

    The book I used was The Everything Baby Names Book by Lisa Shaw dated 1996 (5 years after my last child was nerd me? HAHA)

    LN: Spencer

    DW: Aliza Lacey
    DH: Fabian Nero

    DS: Sagar Adonis
    DS: Berkley Fairfax
    DS: Hudson Joseph

    DD/DD Brina Charlotte/Bonnie Daffodil

    DD: Diana Elizabeth

    DD/DS: Ikabela Monday/Manley Rufus
    Mom to:
    Autumn Elizabeth
    Patrick Alexander
    Nicholas Ivan

    Nana to
    Jaime Mae Michelle
    Nicholas Ivan II
    Rylie Meshele

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