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    Marigold, Bernadette, etc...

    Hello Everyone

    I just discovered nameberry and I'm so happy I did! My husband and I aren't expecting yet, but we're planning on starting in a year or so. Would you mind taking a look at our names? You're welcome to be completely honest and suggestions would be great.

    We have a four syllable Italian monstrosity of a last name (stress on the third syllable). It's constantly mispronounced, so we want a first name that has a more intuitive pronunciation. Many of the names we love have personal meaning to us.

    Marigold Beatrice
    Hermione Iris (I'm worried that this will continue to be mispronounced despite the HP popularity...)
    Bernadette Iris
    Helena Florence

    Names I love that have been vetoed (but could end up as middles):
    Clementine, Odessa, Agnes, Matilda, Opal

    Thanks everyone!

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    I suggest you choose Bernadette Iris, because pronunciation is most straightforward. But love Marigold Beatrice, just Beatrice could be pronounced Beetris or Beeuhtris or even bayuhtris.
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    I love Marigold! With that in mind, I would suggest the name Magnolia. Do you like Shakespeare names? Beatrice, Hermione, and Helena are all names found in Shakespeare so I would also suggest Viola (or Violet), Olivia, Ophelia, Audrey, Celia, Rosalind, Bianca, Cordelia, Imogen, Emilia, Juliet, Miranda, Octavia and Portia.

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    Marigold Beatrice is beautiful! That would be my pick.

    Bernadette Iris is lovely, but Bernadette also has the stress on the 3rd syllable so depending on your surname it could possibly be a rather heavy sounding. Bernadette Piscitelli is a bit much, but Bernadette Fiorella sounds great.

    Hermione, as much as I'm a huge HP fan and as much as I think it will probably be pronounced right by most people---I still think it's too linked to the books and hard to pronounce (even when you know how) for a lot of Americans. :/

    Helena Florence is also very nice, but Marigold Beatrice is just so beautiful that it overshadows it in my mind.
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    I love the name Bernadette! I would go with that one

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