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    I LOVE the names but would rearrange them to improve the flow.

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    This is so crazy- Marigold Beatrice & Bernadette Iris are exact combos that I am considering! Wilhelmina Iris is also on the list and I am considering Marigold Anna-Beatrice cause my daughter, Leonie has 2 middles. Welcome to Nameberry, our taste is strangely similar!!

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    Marigold Beatrice is probably the most usable, although Bernadette is one of my guilty pleasure names and Iris goes well with it. Either way they are both wonderful names. Hermione is a bit too closely related with Harry Potter to me, and I only like Helena pronounced Hel-ay-na. (How are you pronouncing it?)
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    I love many Shakespeare names, and of the ones you mentioned I love Ophelia, Rosalind, Miranda and Portia. My husband, however, doesn’t like any of them. Although I may try and push Rosalind again. Thank you!

    I keep Hermione on my list in hopes that the HP craze quiets down a bit. High schoolers I work with don’t know much about it, so I continue to be hopeful even though it’s probably a lost cause.

    I think Bernadette sounds decent with my last name. I definitely understand where you’re coming from when you say it can sound heavy. I’ll have to give it some more thought.

    It’s about to get crazier. I love the name Wilhelmina and what’s even stranger is my husband absolutely adores it. Besides Marigold, it’s the only name he seems excited about. Unfortunately, it sounds sing-songy with my last name. I try to like Willa, but it’s just not the same. Such a shame. Wilhelmina Iris is beautiful.


    I pronounce it Hel-eh-nah and that’s the only way I like it, haha

    And to everyone else, thank you for the feedback!

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    The only one I don't like is Hermione Iris, because of the long I's in both names. (I think I'm saying Hermione right?)

    My choice would be Helena Florence, followed by Bernadette Iris.
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