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    Henry vs. Henrik vs. Conrad?

    We've narrowed it down to naming our son either Henry, Henrik, or Conrad. Only problem is that we can't decide on which name we like best. We both really like all 3 of the names, however we've come across problems with them all as well.

    Henry - DH and I really like this name but due to its increasing popularity we've decided to rethink it. If it wasn't so popular it would probably be my first choice, but popularity is a big deal to me. My mother works at a school and said that there are 5 Henry's that she knows there...

    Henrik - We thought that Henrik would be a good alternative to Henry, but when we brought the name choice up to my father he thought it sounded too close to "Heinrich" as in Heinrich Himmler... No one else seemed to make that association since they're not even pronounced the same. After talking to my father about it, he decided it wasn't really that close, but now I'm worried. I still love the name but I'd hate for anyone to make an association like that.

    Conrad - The last of the names we decided on. The only problem I have with this is that it sounds very masculine and I don't know if it sounds too rough for a baby. What I like about this name is that it isn't all that popular.

    Any suggestions would be helpful! Also, if anyone could suggest middle names to go with these names that would help as well. I'd also be willing to consider using one of these names as a first and another as a middle name (i.e. Henry Conrad)

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    Henry does seem to be gaining popularity right now, but it's such a lovely name! My favourite from your list, through they're all lovely

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    Henry's rise in popularity is likely related to the young male character on Once Upon a Time. It's a lovely name, though.

    I've actually never met a Henry, now that I think about it, but it's in, what, the top 100? 50? I find unless the names are in the top 20 or so, you don't *really* hear them that much (unless you work with kids a lot, like me, and in that case, there's not a single name that doesn't get old very quickly). I've wanted to use John-Henry myself, but I worry about the popularity of both John and Henry.

    ANYWAY, I really think all three names are workable. Conrad isn't too masculine or too harsh for a baby boy, not at all.

    Henrik is cute. I think the K spices it up, and I don't think of that very unfortunate association at all.

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    I really like both Henry and Henrik.

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    I love Henry and Conrad. I actually find Conrad to be a softer name and not harsh at all. Henrik is not my style.

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