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    Please help us narrow down our list!

    My husband and I are expecting our first son together. I have a son, Maclayne from a previous marriage and he has two children, Savannah and Carson. I really like unique but strong boy names. I want a name that stands out, but isn't too strange that our son will dislike.
    We are naming our son's middle name after my grandfather Charles who passed away a little over a year ago. He earnestly prayed for us to have a child dispite what the doctors said. 9 mos after he passed away we got pregnant.
    We can't seem to choose a first name for our son. I'm having a hard time finding a name that goes with my husband's last name "Klemetsen". I'm really drawn to Declan and Beckett but not sure how it sounds to others. Please help narrow down the list and fill in the blank!
    ______ Charles Klemetsen
    Beckett - methodical "Beck" laid-back
    Zander*- no meaning
    Weston - good neighbor*
    Declan - strong, prayerful*
    Lander - landed*
    Colter - keeping the colts*
    Evander - manly, champion*
    Zane - God is gracious*
    Owen - well born, high principled*
    Kyler - peaceful*
    Harlan - athletic*

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    You have some good names there! My top 2 would be:
    Colter and Kyler, both are very cute and I don't know anyone with the names

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    I really like Declan!

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    I think Beckett sounds fine with your last name, Declan is a bit more clunky with your last name but still sounds ok. The other name I like off your list is Owen and that would definitely be the best flow.

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    I like your two favorites Declan and Beck. I like it better without the ett. I'm not a big fan of the rest of the names. They both sound good with Charles too.

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