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    I like:

    Eleanor (could use Lennie as a nickname)
    Evangeline (nn Evie)

    I would suggest Molly, cute but grows up well.

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    Maisie - Too cutesy for my taste.
    Daisy - Better than Maisie, but I prefer Violet or Lily as far as floral names go.
    Lacey - A bit dated, but it is pretty.
    Sunny - This is cute. A bit tom-boyish at the same time (nothing wrong with that).
    Lulu - Very feminine. A deep contrast to Sunny.
    Lennie - I haven't heard this on a girl, but it isn't terrible.
    Eleanor - I like this.
    Eloise - Reminds me of the cartoon, which I've never even seen.
    Elsie - My grandmother's name, so I'm biased. It was once a popular name for a cow, but so was Betsy.
    Evangeline (nn Evie) I like Evie quite a bit.
    Vivienne - Not my favorite.
    Adele - I think of the singer.
    Violet (too similar to Vincent?) - I like this more than Daisy, but you will have matching names.
    Hero - Too much pressure on her shoulders.
    Scout - My own daughter's name. She is four and absolutely loves her name. It isn't popular with the older crowd, but she gets many compliments from the younger generations.

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    We have similar taste, I see several names on your list that are in my favorites.

    To go with Vincent Nicholas, I would choose:

    Adele - Feminine, pretty, and grows well with a girl
    Eleanor - Still feminine and pretty and has the nn potential of Nora, Elle, Ellie, etc.
    Eloise - Pretty and still has nickname potential for a more cutesy name
    Elsie - I know this is a nickname-y name, but it's on my top 5 and I think that Elsie is one of them that could age well.

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    Vincent is a strong name so I think your daughter deserves the same. Most nicknames as full names don't age well in adulthood. Your daughter will be spending most of her life as a mature woman so her name should reflect this fact.

    From your list, I would choose...

    Eleanor nn Nell
    Eloise nn Lulu
    Evangeline (nn Evie)

    Other Suggestions

    Lucy nn Lulu
    Leonora/Lenora nn Leonie or Lennie
    Sarah nn Sadie
    Annabeth nn Annie or Beth
    Eva nn Evie
    Georgina nn Georgie or Gigi
    Camille nn Mila
    Philippa nn Pippa
    All the best,

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    Vincent Nicholas is such a superb name.

    Here are my favorites with Vincent:
    Margaret nn Daisy
    Hermione nn Hero
    Elspeth nn Elsie


    Maisie - I prefer it as a nickname. I struggle to see a neurosurgeon or army sergeant Maisie.

    Daisy - So cute as a nickname. Agree with pp that those two could be nicknames for Margaret. I think Margaret and Vincent are smashing together.

    Lacey - A very sweet name.

    Sunny - Nickname.

    Lulu - Nickname.

    Lennie - Nickname. The nicknames don't really stand up to Vincent, or feel wearable in most professional jobs.

    Eleanor - Love this.

    Eloise - Not my style, but cute and sounds nice with Vincent.

    Elsie - What a cute nickname. I know a lovely young lady named Elspeth, and when she was littler they called her Elsiebells. It was the charmingest thing.

    Evangeline (nn Evie) - Oh, now that's nice.

    Vivienne - Great name, although a lot of V with Vincent. A different ending (vs Violet), so that's good, but a strong match.

    Adele - Perfect. Great name, both cute on a halfpint and powerful on an adult. Sounds good with Vincent.

    Violet (too similar to Vincent?) - Sadly yes; the test for me is whether the kid could understand me if I yelled their name from around the corner, or if they'd claim they thought I called for the other one. (I once knew a Kaleb and Kayla sibset who failed that test.) Violet would be a great middle name.

    Hero - ooh, I love this as a Shakespearean name. I'm not sure it's wearable as a first; I'd use it as a middle, or go with Hermione and use Hero as a nickname as a pp suggested. I really like that idea, actually. Vincent and Hermione. Vincent and Hero.

    Scout - again love the literary, but not sure how wearable it is. Great middle.

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