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    Honoring my mother

    Hi everyone,

    My husband and I are trying for baby #3. We have two boys, Thorston Thomas and Leo Matthew, and are hoping for a girl this time around. If we do have a girl, I'd like to honor my mother, who passed away when I was 18. Here's the only problem: as much as I loved my mom, I don't love her name, Teri. My husband and I like more feminine names for girls (my favorite girl's names are Cecily and Juliet; he likes Charlotte nn Lottie), and Teri just sounds very unisex to me. I do like her middle name, Kay, although not necessarily as a first name.

    Here's my question: how do I incorporate a version of my mom's name without using Teri? Is putting Kay in the middle enough? My brother and his wife did this for their daughter, but I think it's okay for cousins to have the same middle since they won't go by this. Would a more feminine variation of Teri such as Teresa retain enough of a connection to my mom? Suggestions for first and middle would be appreciated!

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    Teri is a common nickname for Teresa, so I think it would be fine, even if it wasn't your mom's full name. Or how about using a longer name that starts with Kay or the same sound - Kaylee/Kayleigh, Cadence, Casey, etc. Or even something like Kerry May - it rhymes with Teri Kay.

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    Your daughter's name connection to your mother can be anything you want! It's all about it being meaningful to you and your family. I think cousins with the same middle is fine, and a nice connection between them and their late grandmother. I can understand that Teri is masculine and outdated, so using a variation to it is fine. It's all in your explanation and the feeling you have toward it. You could also use the same first and middle initial, T K, when naming your daughter.
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    I like Therese or I think you could use any K- name. Juliet Karena (meaning 'pure') is lovely.

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    What about Katerina? It has the Teri and Ka(y) look and feel and is longer and feminine. It could work as a first or middle name. I've placed with the combo Cecily Katerina before, or your husband may like Charlotte Katerina. Juliet Katerina. Or the reverse: Katerina Cecily, Katerina Charlotte, Katerina Juliet. All of them sound so lovely (at least to my ear). I like Therese and Theresa as options too.

    Other food for thought:

    Ester / Estera
    Kateri (Mohawk version of Katherine, might work/be appealing as a full name or nickname for Katerina)
    Tara (similar sound to Teri, plus I like Cecily Tara and Charlotte Tara)
    Taryn (see note about Tara)

    Hope this helps ~ Best of luck to you!
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