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    It's great as an initials nn (e.g., Allegra Calista Evangeline surname).

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    I've seen Ace used as a nickname for Aleksandr/Alexander semi-frequently, and would be plausible for Alastair - I could see it working for Alexa/Alexandra/Alexandrina and Alastriona.

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    Ace is not okay for a girl or a boy(IMO). It might make a cute name for a dog or cat though!

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    I think that was the name of the bad guy in "Stand By Me." I don't like it for either gender. I like tom-boy girl names (paired with a feminine middle name), but this one is not my favorite. Charlie, Alex, Fallon, Romily, Arden, Josie, Quinn, Fern, Wren, Story, Billie, Lark, Rory, Kat, Scout, Sadie, Harper.

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    I prefer it as a nickname for either gender. I believe the Doctor Who character Ace's given name was actually Dorothy. Plus the prominence of it being used on boys by celebrities (Jessica Simpson being the most recent) means it would be seen as masculine as a given name.

    Something like Grace, Macy, Casey all have the -ace- sound in them, or an AC- (or ACE- if you're into double middles) could work. Or you could just use it as a casual, unrelated nickname - like Scout in TKAM, which had nothing to do with her given name in any way.

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