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    Sep 2012
    New Hampshire
    DW: Natalie Faith (Black hair, blue eyes, Nurse, from Maine)
    DH: Jesse Samuel (Black hair, green eyes, News reporter, from NH)

    Four kids; 3 boys, 1 girl

    DS: Caleb Seamus
    DS: Adam Jackson
    DS: Vincent Raymond
    DD: Bridget Paige

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    Jul 2012
    DW: Allison Greer, brown hair and brown eyes, pharmacist, Ontario
    DH: Spencer Rhett, blonde hair and brown eyes, police officer, Ontario

    B: Zephyr Gray
    B: Colton Adam
    B: Garrett Rhys
    G/B: Adelaide Gaia & Ryder Easton
    B: Wilder Knox
    G: Victoria Piper

    Zeph & Colt & Garr & Ry & Wiley
    Addie & Tori

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    Dec 2009
    You: black hair, blue eyes, named: Gemma Meadow
    Your partner: black hair, green eyes, named: Elliot Cole
    Your Life: her: physical therapist, him: elementary school teacher, living in Maine.
    Your Family:
    Five kids - three girls, two boys. one set of twins.

    1. Kingsley Rhys
    2. Leo Seamus
    3. Piper Molly and Nova Juno
    4. Maisie Jane

    Gemma and Elliot with Kingsley, Leo, Piper, Nova and Maisie.

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    May 2009
    LN: Miller

    ME: Allison 'Allie' Josephine
    DH: Gavin Thomas

    I am a stay at home parent
    Gavin is a high school teacher

    we live in Tennessee

    we have 5 kids, 3 girls and 2 boys, a pair of boy girl twins


    boy - Elijah 'Eli' Isaac
    girl - Lily Jane
    girl - Grace 'Gracie' Helena
    girl - Evangeline 'Eva' Delilah (twin with Rhys)
    boy - Rhys Jameson (twin with Eva)

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    Mar 2011
    LN: Koenig

    DW: Anastasia Heidi (nee Valentin)
    Blonde hair, green eyes.
    Physical therapist, originally from California.

    DH: Samuel Abel William
    Black hair, green eyes.
    Sports reporter, lives in New Jersey

    DS: Sebastian Valentino, 15
    Blond hair, green eyes

    DS: Cooper Roman, 13
    Black hair, green eyes

    DS: Leo Graham, 10
    Blond hair, green eyes

    DD: Penelope Heidi Samantha, 6
    Blonde hair, green eyes
    Current Favorites:

    Sophie * Margaret * Pippa * Eleanor * Annabel * Zara * Fife * Ailsa * Aurelia * Mae
    Grant * Samuel * Everett * Andrew * Graham * River * Frederick * Gatsby * Alasdair * Jude

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