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    Wink Valentine's Name Bank Game - Tons of Options!

    You'll need the 6 sided dice - Virtual Dice

    Roll the dice find your appearance and name. Last name(s) your choice.

    1-2: Brown hair and brown eyes. Aviva, Rebecca, Renee, Allison, Autumn, Harriett, Elle, Octavia, Josephine, Vivian, Greer, Alexis, Amber.

    3-4: Blonde hair, green eyes. Meredith, Sylvia, Robyn, Dawn, Theresa, Heidi, Lorelei, Sawyer, Grace, Anne, Gloria, Emma, Anastasia.

    5-6: Black hair, blue eyes. Natalie, Stephanie, Nicole, Rosalie, Lynne, Faith, Meadow, Charlotte,Liberty, Shiloh, Sasha, Gemma, Olive, Serenity.

    Your partner:

    1-2: Black hair and green eyes. Ephraim, Cole, James, Jacob, Jesse, Samuel, Eric, Rowan, Thomas, Magnus, Walter, Gavin, Douglas, Alexei, William, Maxim, Norman, Abel, Elliot.

    3-4: Blonde hair, brown eyes. Chance, Anderson, August, Sampson, Spencer, Seth, Brent, Andrew, Gerard, Luca, Theodore, Sullivan, Malcolm, Ian, Rhett, Dov, Cory.

    5-6: Red hair, blue eyes. Alexander, Holden, Julien, Quinn, Rafferty, Dante, Duncan, Lee, River, Sylvester, Damian, Reeve, Rueben, Cody, Rupert, Walt, Leon, Sheldon.

    Your Life:
    Roll the dice to find out your occupation, your partners occupation, and where you're both from.

    1-2: Personal Trainer, Veterinary Assistant, Dental Assistant, Elementary School Teacher, Nurse,
    3-4: Small Business Owner, Police Officer, Physical Therapist, Author, Restaurant Manager, Engineer
    5-6: News Reporter, Newspaper Columnist, Sports Reporter, Stay At Home Parent, High School Teacher, Pharmacist

    1-2: Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Utah, New Jersey, Maine, British Columbia, Manitoba
    3-4: Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, California, Ontario, Alberta, Kansas, Tennessee
    5-6: Your choice

    Your Family:
    Roll to find out how many kids you have.

    1: Five - three girls, two boys. one set of twins.
    2: Three - all girls.
    3: Four - three boys, one girl.
    4: Seven - genders are your choice. one set of twins.
    5: Five - all boys.
    6: Six - four girls and two boys.

    Roll once for each child to find out which name bank you will need to use for their first and middle names.

    Namebank 1
    Girls:Zooey, Georgia, Wren, Eden, Augusta, Penelope, Beatrice, Delilah, Evangeline, Aurora, Daisy, Eloise, Grace, Marina, Maya, Vita, Harlow, Tyra, Diana, Cadence, Elisabeth | Boys: Evan, Charles, Leonard, Mercer, Travis, Rupert, Graham, Caleb, Calvin, Martin, Leo, Gunnar, Louis, Edmund, Oliver, Quentin, Orson, Seamus, Addison, Avery, Sawyer, Alec

    Namebank 2
    Girls: Lavender, Lily, Katniss, Sunday, Portia, Jane, Maisie, Matilda, Rosamund, Sophronia, Araminta, Jessamy, Clementine, Clara, Cora, Isla, Raven, Agatha, Illyria, Ruth, Leona, Kitty, Alice, Pearl, Heidi, Selena, Rose, Julia, Ebony, Sasha | Boys: Maverick, Wilder, Ocean, Zane, Milo, Truman, Knox, Ronan, Van, Tate, Linden, Bear, Shea, Cash, Roman, Miles, Penn, Noah, Hudson, Cooper

    Namebank 3
    Girls: Emma, Sophia, Isabella, Ava, Abigail, Elizabeth, Gracyn, Aubrey, Lily, Mia, Madison, Hannah, Evelyn, Layla, Aaliyah, Savannah, Harper, Samantha, Victoria, Kayla, Mckenna, Mackenzie, Stella, Melanie, Melody, Camille, Genesis, Piper, Aria, Molly | Boys: Grayson, Jace, Bryson, Easton, Ryder, Adam, Parker, Hunter, Colton, Wyatt, Jackson, Jaxon, Kevin, Ayden, Bentley, Chase, Braxton, Kaden, Brady, Brody, Ashton, Axel, Ezra, Kai, Ezekial, Tucker

    Namebank 4
    Girls: April, Muse, Carmen, Effie, Elke, Aspen, Echo, Reva, Adelaide, Winter, Eira, Aurelia, Elsie, Lux, Tempest, Electra, Sybil, Valentine, Domino, Cyra, Caitlin, Katherina, Fleur, Elspeth, Ione, Sophronia, Pippa, Saskia, Calypso, Gaia, Cersei, Aeron, Juno, Nova, Alexandria, Raven | Boys: Zephyr, Thorn, Storm, Odin, Cato, Lucius, Cyprian, Felix, Magnus, October, Ever, Zen, Onyx, Cobalt, Neville, Green, Sayer, Colt, Free, Diego, Marco, Oak, Gray, Lennox, Thatcher, Lake

    Namebank 5
    Girls: Florence, Frances, Harriet, Eleanora, Helena, Matilda, Mable, May, Cordelia, Lillian, Grace, Ada, Gloria, Amelia, Blanche, Maude, Opal, Minerva, Etta, Frederica, Edith, Millicent, Ursula, Vera, Wilhelmina | Boys: Albert, Walter, Harry, Raymond, Mortimer, Arthur, Gilbert, Harvey, Edmund, Calvin, Clarence, Isaac, Oscar, Thaddeus, Howard, Elijah, Abraham, Norman, Virgil, George, Vincent, Clement, Reason, Experience, Josiah, Ross, Amos, Enoch

    Namebank 6
    Girls: Dancer, Paige, Temperance, Alyssa, Rosa, Allegra, Nala, Audrey, Arden, Fiona, Eve, Sophia, Sloane, Tess, Clarissa, Margot, Isobel, Delta, Lilac, Mercy, Sage, Winter, Lucia, Delphine, Lyra, Skye, Phaedra, Persephone, Rosemary, Harlow, Danae, Hope, Gypsy, Bronte, Bridget, Poppy | Boys: Gale, Winslow, Everett, Ben,Crockett, Wolf, Duke, Kingsley, Asher, Otis, Luca, Lennon, Madden, Lucian, Lynx, Rhys, Bram, Tennessee, Nixon, Calvin, Dermot, Forrest, Judd, Garret, Draco, Valentino, Maxim, Rex, Miles, Jameson, Theodore, Marshall, Silver, Sebastian, Mingus

    Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to add pictures, ages, pets, and any personality details to your family if you'd like!

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    Allison Aviva Fisher [34]
    Straight, shoulder-length brown hair, and brown eyes. Fit and athletic.
    Owns her own health food store, and works part time as a yoga instructor.

    Rupert Alexander Reeve Fisher [37]
    Messy red hair and bright blue eyes. Athletic - long distance runner.
    High school teacher who teaches English and Creative Writing.

    They live in Northern Utah and have six children - four girls and two boys.

    Grace Eden Elisabeth Fisher [12]
    Long strawberry blonde hair, plenty of freckles and green eyes.
    Very smart and enjoys reading.

    Allegra Rosemary Hope Fisher [10]
    Short, curly auburn hair and bright blue eyes. Very quiet and artistic.
    Loves dancing and doing yoga with her mom.

    Matilda Gloria May Fisher [9]
    Short, curly brown hair and brown eyes. Light freckles across her nose.
    She is very outgoing and friendly. Loves painting, writing, and building model planes.

    Zooey Evangeline Wren Fisher
    Long, curly brown hair and green eyes. She is the most outgoing of the girls, not shy around
    anyone and loves making new friends. She loves singing and learning to play guitar.

    Gale Valentino Wolf Fisher [3]
    A bubbly little boy with chubby cheeks, messy brown hair, and brown eyes.
    He loves being read stories by his older sisters.

    Felix October Gray Fisher [1]
    A precious little redheaded baby with blue eyes and an infectious laugh.

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    Name: Rebecca Elle Hodgins
    Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes
    Occupation: Restaurant manager

    Partner: Alexander Lee Whitfield
    Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes
    Occupation: News reporter

    Location: California

    DD1 - Caitlin Fleur
    DD2 - Rosamund Clara
    DS1 - Noah Tate
    DD3 - Victoria Melanie
    DD4 - Matilda Pearl
    DS2 - Arthur Vincent

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    You: Harriet Josephine 'Hattie'
    Appearance: Brown hair and brown eyes
    Occupation: Newspaper columnist

    Your partner: Jacob Samuel 'Jake'
    Appearance: Black hair and green eyes
    Occupation: Sports reporter

    Location: Toronto, Ontario

    Your Family:

    DS1: Edmund Charles 'Ned'
    DD1: Rosemary Tess 'Rose'
    DD2/DD3: Elisabeth Vita 'Bess' // Matilda Frances 'Tilda'
    DS2: Noah Cooper
    DS3: Asher Sebastian 'Ash'
    DD4: Delphine Sage 'Della'

    Hattie and Jake and their children
    Ned, Rose, Bess, Tilda, Noah, Ash and Della
    ⋆ Margaret Mary ⋆

    Elisabeth Aurelia ⋆ Iris Christabel ⋆ Ada Marianne ⋆ Harriet Cordelia
    Dorothea Helen ⋆ Charlotte Gwen ⋆ Josephine Violet ⋆ Sarah Clementine

    Asher Benedict ⋆ Joah Valentine ⋆ Samuel Archer ⋆ Nicholas Bertram
    August Lysander ⋆ John Willoughby ⋆ Gabriel Zachariah ⋆ Tobias Nathaniel

    Current guilty pleasures: Corliss + Winston

    Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

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    Your name is Charlotte Faith Abernathy but you go by "Lottie." You're only 22 years old, but many people have already called you stunning on account of your jet black hair and ice blue eyes. You inherited your mother's thick, Indian locks and your father's light, Icelandic eyes.

    Your longtime 25-year-old boyfriend, Norman Elliot Tanner, is a mix of Colombian and English. He shares your black locks but he has incredible jade green eyes instead of your sweet, blue ones.

    You're currently working as an Elementary School Teacher in a small suburb of Chicago while Norman is working as a personal trainer in Alaska. You two have been in a long distance relationship for over 4 years now, and you're thinking of tying the knot so you can finally be together.

    When Norman comes to visit you for Christmas, he surprises you by popping the question. You're shocked, but you eagerly accept and can't wait to start a life with the man you love.

    5 months after you get engaged, the wedding rolls around. You are getting married in a beautiful Chicago hotel and the reception will be in the hotel's garden. You wear a strapless mermaid gown and Norman dons a white suit.

    After your wedding, the two of you settle down in Chicago where you continue working as a teacher and Norman finds a job at a local gym.

    After 2 years of marriage, you bring up the idea of having a child. Norman is apprehensive at first, but he thinks that might be a good idea in the long run. I mean, you're not getting any younger.

    After a year of trying, you are finally blessed with the news that you're pregnant! You're thrilled to finally be a mom.

    You give birth to a beautiful baby girl with black hair and hazel eyes and name her Aspen Adelaide.

    When Aspen turns 3, you're surprised to find out that you're expecting yet again. It wasn't planned, but you're thrilled to give Aspen a little brother or sister. You keep the gender a secret until you give birth to a baby girl 6 months later.

    She has black hair and green eyes, and you name her Etta Cordelia.

    10 years pass, and Aspen & Etta are now both in school and you're both super busy with your careers. Having another child is the last thing on your minds. That is, until you find out that you're pregnant again.

    At 40, you give birth to a baby girl with black hair and blue eyes and you name her Gaia Alexandria.

    Now, your family is complete. Everything feels like a fairytale.

    Charlotte Faith Abernathy-Tanner (Lottie, 40)
    Norman Elliot Tanner (43)
    Aspen Adelaide (13)
    Etta Cordelia (10)
    Gaia Alexandria (Newborn)
    || Elif Merima Hatidža || Arabela Kada Fatima || Solomija Hadžira Rahima ||
    || Alaga Muhamed Mumin || Rijad Ilijas Mumin || Elham Ibrahim Džan ||

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