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    Rethinking an old favorite

    Adlai has been in my top five for a long time now. When I mentioned it to a friend the other day she said "Adlai, isn't that a girls name?". I'm not sure if she was referring to Adelaide, or Adlai itself. But either way, it had made me question my stance on the name. So what do you think? Should I hold on to Adlai? Or toss is out because its "too girly" and may be confused for Adelaide?
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    Adlai isn't particularly my taste but not because it sounds girly... I like Asa and Azaria on boys, for reference's sake. I do like Adriel.

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    I think you should keep it, as long as you still love it. Adlai is a softer name, but I don't think it's girly. I've heard people say that Ezra should be a girls name.
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    It really frustrates me when people hear an unusual name that ends in a vowel sound and assume it's a girl's name. Apparently boys just aren't supposed to have soft names?

    Keep Adlai. If it makes you feel any better, there were only 21 boys and 6 girls named Adlai in 2012. It's an extremely rare name either way.
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    It sounds very feminine to me. I would drop it.

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