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    Not my style but I don't know why it would send anyone to therapy.

    I don't have a stutter but I do trip over saying the first and last name out loud together. That would be my only concern with the name.

    My Dh had a bit of a lisp as a child and was teased horribly for it. It's better now but comes out with certain letters. I showed him the name just to see if he had trouble saying it and he wouldn't even attempt it.

    Either way it's your child and you have to go with the name you love. Ignore the co-worker.

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    Seriously? How did you respond? I would struggle to resist saying something like, "When you say rude things like that, it makes me hope someone steps up to pay for yours."

    Clearly no one can think of anything about this name that makes it more potentially problematic than the average name out there. It's fine. If you have doubts for other reasons, I'm sure this website will be happy to help you, but if you're happy with it other than this one comment, then I think you'd be better served devoting your mental energy to avoiding this co-worker's unpleasantries and maybe figuring out how to seriously get some sort of intervention for her.

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    Sawyer Grace is lovely and I didn't see any possible issue with it (didn't even know it was a "boy" name) until I saw your last name.

    I do think it's a bit of a mouthful and I see your coworker's point immediately (although I don't think she should have offered it unsolicited!). Remember that the first and last names will be saif together much more often than with the middle included, so the Grace usually won't be there to break up the sounds.

    If I were you, I might look at similar names, like Piper (sorry if someone already suggested that -- I haven't read all the responses) that wouldn't get as jumbled with Waye.

    Best of luck!

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    While I certainly don't agree with your coworkers tact, I do think she ultimately brought up a good point. Sawyer Waye sounds incredibly awkward to my ears as it truly does sound like saying "saw-your-way". I don't think it's anything that's going to become a cause for therapy (ridiculous!) but it seems like maybe it struck a chord with you for a reason? Regardless, if you love the name use it.

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    Your co-worker is a douche waffle. It's none of her business! Sawyer Grace Waye is beautiful.
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