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    Would you let this woman name your baby? Probably not. I certainly hope you don't give her the ability to un-name your baby! Go with the name you love and have confidence about it . Names are very subjective and there is no such thing as a name that will please everyone: it doesn't exist. The most important people to please are the parents of the baby, not anyone else. Good luck!

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    I think Sawyer Grace is a pretty name. I know it's not the style of a lot of people on Nameberry, but I like unisex names paired with more traditional, girly middles! Probably because that's the kind of name I grew up having, and I love my name. You can't really help that it may sound like a street name to some people, that would happen with ANY name paired with Waye. Your coworker is just trying to cause trouble - that kind of reaction is why we didn't tell anyone (even our parents!) our daughter's name until after she was born.

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    I love it.

    True, everyone will have a different opinion but I would stay true to what YOU love.

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    I don't think it sounds bad at all! I think Sawyer is pretty for a girl, and Grace compliments it very well. Your coworker sounds very unpleasant/mean, and it's none of her business anyway! I think if you love it, use it!
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    Forget your coworker, it's beautiful!

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