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    Your coworker is indeed very rude, but I still say that without hearing a middle name (which most people won't; hardly anybody introduces themselves with their middle name) Sawyer Waye is unquestionably male.

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    That name is beautiful. People can be rude. Go with your gut on it! Sawyer Grace Waye flows beautifully. Think of it as this too: Most people will just know her as Sawyer Waye. That's beautiful too. I think you should go for it! Prove your prude of a coworker wrong.

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    I LOVE IT!!!! dont listen to that mean lady....sounds like she is jealous of your new baby girl!

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    Her comments where unnecessary and hurtful. Many of my friends didn't tell anyone their chosen name for fear of negative reactions. Ultimately once any baby is born, it only takes hearing it a few times before you get used to it...whether you like it or hate it. Sawyer Grace is great. I don't think your last name interferes with the name...they both contain a y but the sounds they make are different.

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    I agree with the others, your coworkers comments were mean and rude.
    Sawyer Grace Waye is fine.

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