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    I dislike Sawyer Grace, but that's just my personal taste, and it's not utterly terrible. It ultimately comes down to whether you like it or not, and as long as it's not utterly insane or offensive, there's no reason why you shouldn't use a name/combo you like, even if other people don't. So yeah, whilst we have different naming tastes, Sawyer Grace isn't the worst name I've ever heard, and if I met someone with that name I probably wouldn't even think about it much until much later, let alone comment on it to their face. And it's your right to use it.

    As you know this person tends to be a b!tch, what are you doing paying attention to her comments? Someone who says something like that to someone's face has obviously got huge emotional or personal issues, and is probably acting out for attention. She probably gets some kick out of thinking that she's hurt your feelings. Don't give her the attention she so obviously desires, and certainly don't change the name cos of what she thinks, or says she thinks.

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    What a mean girl! Masculine names on girls is not my style. However, it isn't a bad name at all. It certainly is not therapy inducing. Congrats on your little girl.

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    I'll admit it doesn't have the BEST flow - It does kind of come out as one word "Sawyerway" or sound like "Saw your way/Soy your way/whatever". Your co-worker was definitely a bitch about it, though. Sawyer Grace is flawless imo!

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    Totally rude of her to say it like that but I would not use the name with a word last name. Especially since all 3 of her names would be words. Sorry.
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    sorry, it sounds like a street name. Sawyer is also incredibly popular and generational, I think your child would benefit from a more unique name
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