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    First of all, congratulations! Second, that was quite uncalled for from our co-worker and kind of rude, in my opinion. Sawyer Grace is very pretty together, but I have to agree with a previous poster- I liked it better without your last name, Waye. And so I don't get told off about this, I am not trying to be negative, harsh, mean or rude.
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    I really like the name Sawyer Grace, especially with your last name. I think the coworker was just being rude, like many people have said, and I can't see any problem she'd have in the future.
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    It was rude and none of her business, especially as the little girl had already arrived and been named. Ignore her - you obviously love the name, and it definitely is not therapy inducing.

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    I love it! I really like unisex names for girls! Sawyer is really cute with Grace. Unfortunately, some people are just negative. Go for it!

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    Wow, that was rude. Sawyer Grace is spunky and it sounds like you really love it so ignore your co worker and don't worry, if you go with what you love you won't regret it.
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