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    Getting Discouraged About The Name We've Choosen

    After a lot of thought, DH and i decided to go ahead and use Sawyer Grace for our little girl. It was a something we discussed at length because of the fact that most do see it as very masculine, but we decided that we really loved it and it was perfect for our girl. After all this, a co-worker who had seen my name list sitting on my desk asked what we decided to go with so i told her. She laughed and said, " Wow, really? That sounds terrible with your last name. I hope you're ready to pay for her therapy. " This particular co-worker is known for being a little on the b*tchy side, but it really bothered me that she said that. SO, what i would like to know is if there is something wrong with her full name. Is there something we missed or overlooked that is really awful ? Full name - Sawyer Grace Waye. Thank you everyone.

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    I like Sawyer for a girl. It's super cute!

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    I wish I could punch your co-worker for being such a douchebag.
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    Huh? I think it looks fine. Actually it's really nice... I like it! But to play Devil's Advocate...

    Maybe Sawyer Waye sounds like a street? Hmm... maybe S.G. Waye is a little like Segway? Nah.

    I'm trying hard here and I honestly can't see any problem. Release the berries !!! LOL.

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    It's a sweet name, and I like it better than I did before I knew your surname. There's an aesthetically pleasing balance to it. Your co-worker is rude.

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