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    I would like Nicholas to drop down (*ahem* preferably completely out of the top 1000, but I know that's slightly unrealistic...) just a little bit, especially in England, but also in America. Only because I like to have all my names with similar popularities, and let's just say that Dougal is not the most popular name anywhere.

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    I wish all the leftover nineties names would drop out of popularity, like Taylor, Lauren, Ashley, Tyler, Ryan, Joshua etc... I'm just so sick of hearing them. That and all the leigh/lee/ley names for girls. I absolutely hate that some parents seem to think that every word/last name that ends in "lee" can be a girls name or that they can just tack a "lee" on a one syllable sound and suddenly its a name.

    For my own benefit I wish Oliver & Leo would stop rising and that Charlotte & Violet would drop out of the top 100.
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    To the other Imogen lover (sorry I'm on my phone and can't quote easily with it): if you're in the US, take heart! Imogen, while popular on NB, hasn't broken into the top 1000 yet. Now i just hope it stays that way for several years...or forever
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    I think each name has its own beauty. I wouldn't ever express the want of fading out any name. I've loved researching names ever since I was in grade school.
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    I agree with -ayden names, enough with the Jaydens!!!

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