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Thread: Carlotta?

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    I have the same problem as the poster above. I can only see "Car".... and I am not sure really why that is... at any rate, I do think it is a nice name.
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    I love it. So much more interesting than Charlotte (plus, there's a Charlotte I really dislike, haha). I like Lottie or Lotta best as a nickname. Along a similar vein, I'm also crushing on Carmel/Carmela.
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    Oh, sorry I forgot to say, I like Cara or Calla as nicknames. Good luck (again)!

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    My name is Charlotte but my Spanish family call me Carlotta.

    I love the name Carlotta (considering legally changing my name to Carlotta). It's different and exotic and people often compliment me on the name and say its very pretty.

    I get Lotty and Coco as nicknames.

    Just a name lover.

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    You're singing my song here! I adore the name Carlotta (nn lottie). Wish one of my daughter's would use this name for a granddaughter.

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