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    Confused: Lila/Leila

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    I have only ever heard of it pronounced Lie-luh before. I think both names are pretty. I think If you're going for the Lee-la pronunciation she's probably going to have to correct a lot of people.

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    I pronounced Lila like lee-luh when I first saw it but I think it's actually pronounced like lie-luh Lila = lie-luh and Leila = lay-luh. I don't know the meaning of Lila but it's pretty!
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    Lila - lie-la
    Leila - lay-la.

    Both mean "night" to me. Lila sounds a bit more like the Hebrew pronunciation and Leila more like the Arabic pronunciation but I think of them as variants of the same name.

    Behind the Name: Meaning, Origin and History of the Name Lila lists Lila as a variant of Leila.

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    Lila - LIL-Uh
    Leila - LAY-Uh

    My only point of reference for Lila is someone I know as a daughter called Livia whose NN is Lila (with that same pronunciation.)
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