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    Arlo - Nice, but not my favorite.
    Tate - I'm not fond of this one.
    Malcolm - Yes! This is a strong name.
    Linus - I love this one. It does bring to mind peanuts, but that doesn't bother me.
    Milo - Cute, but not necessarily manly (you might not mind that).
    Harlow - Sounds feminine.

    Meah - Okay, but not stand out-ish.
    Harlow ( I like for boy or girl) I prefer it on a girl.
    Hazel - I like this.
    Pearl - I'm not a gemstone name fan.
    Isla - Very pretty.
    Josephine - She could be Josie for short.
    Harper - It sounds tom-boyish, which I like.
    Matilda - Always brings to mind the movie, but it's nice anyway.
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    From your list I like



    But I think depending on your style, and your last name, any of those could work.

    Personally, when I see Harlow as a boy's name, it makes me think of Warlow, the current villian on HBO's True Blood . But oddly enough I don't get that feeling for a girl when I see it.

    Recently a friend just named her daughter Harper Jane, which isn't my style, but I think totally suits her family and her style (and might work for you as well)

    Good luck!

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    I like Arlo, Tate, and Milo. I just recently met a little Tate and I really like the name Milo is probably my favorite

    For the girls, none of them are really my style, but I like Matilda and I love that Josephine has so many possibilities. So those would be my picks.
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    Congratulations on soon to be here baby!

    I will go ahead and give you my top 3 picks from each gender.

    1.Arlo - I love that it has that o ending, it familiar yet not too common, and just has a great sound.
    2. Malcolm - Handsome
    3. Tate - This name has a cowboy feel to me, which I love.

    1. Hazel - Feminine, vintage, and classy, a winner for sure!
    2. Isla - This is my top girl name right now, so obviously I love it.
    3. Matilda - Great name, and love the nn of Tilly.

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    Arlo - Not bad. Not my cup of tea though.
    Tate - So cute. I love Tate.
    Malcolm - Good, traditional name
    Linus - Handsome. I really like Linus.
    Milo - Super adorable.
    Harlow - Glad to see it on a boy. Not my style though.


    Meah - Do not like this at all. I prefer Mia which is so pretty and sweet.
    Harlow - Prefer it for a boy.
    Hazel - Nice. I really like Hazel and I wish people would use it more.
    Pearl - Stunning. One of my favourite girls names.
    Isla - Gorgeous, feminine name. Love it.
    Josephine - Not bad. Quite strong.
    Harper - Masculine in my opinion.
    Matilda - I still haven't made my mind up about Matilda. One day I like it. The next I don't. It's a good name though.

    My favourites are Linus and Pearl.

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