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    Help with baby girl #1

    I am new here, and my husband and I are TTC #1. I'd love your opinions on our list of names for a little baby girl.

    Avery Lorraine
    Audrey Lorraine
    Aubrey Lorraine
    McKinley Lorraine
    Sophia Lorraine
    Sophia Audrey
    Abigail Lorraine

    Feel free to be honest, you won't hurt my feelings. We want to keep the name a surprise to our family, as we'll be finding out what we're having.
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    Is Lorraine a family name? It's a lovely, vintage choice. I like Avery Lorraine and Aubrey Lorraine.

    Other suggestions:
    Ruby Lorraine
    Mia Lorraine
    Penelope Lorraine
    Lauren Audrey
    Laurel Audrey

    Good luck!
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    I was like, "Ooh....I really like the sound of Sophia Lorraine," and then it occurred to me: Sophia Loren Of course, Sophia is the number one name right now, so maybe Aubrey Lorraine?
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    I'm quite partial to the name Lorraine... it's my middle name, my mom's middle name, and my great-aunt's first name. Sophia & Avery both sound great with Lorraine (as does Amanda, if I do say so myself!)

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    I like Audrey Lorraine best.

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