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    Twins due September!! Can't zero in on the perfect combo! help!

    Hi! My partner and I are expecting Twins in September, and are a bit stuck for names. We still don't know the genders (surprisingly we have held out so far... though the thrill of surprise is getting less and less exciting as we try to decide on names)! We want the names to be a surprise to our family and friends so we haven't been discussing them. So, here we are, turning to nameberry.

    Our problem is this: We actually like all the same names (thank goodness), but just can't decide on a direction to go. All our favorites are very different from eachother so it's hard to find a good sibset. (also, the middle names are based on grandparents and are non negotiable. Joan is pronounced Jo-ann) Thoughts?

    Girls: Classic/Feminine: Juliet Arline & Amelia Joan
    Adeline Joan and Felicity Arline
    Unique/funky: Vada (Vay-Duh) Joan and Tatum Arline
    Poppy Arline and Thea Joan

    Boys: Graham Jackson and Oliver David
    Nolan Jackson and Elijah David
    Felix Jackson and Jude David

    Girl boy: Juliet Arline and Graham Jackson
    Vada Joan and Jude David
    Oliver David and Thea Joan

    Suggestions? other ideas for combos? and we are still open to other names. Our tastes are all over the place so we are open to everything though we generally like shorter names (4 letters 2 syllables seems to be what we gravitate towards generally)

    Thank you so much!

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    G/G combo: my favorite is Adeline Joan and Felicity Arline or Popply Arline and Thea Joan

    B/B combo: My favorite is Graham Jackson and Oliver David

    G/B combo: my favorite is Juliet Arline and Graham Jackson

    Beautiful names, by the way!

    Girl Names
    Rosie Vivienne--Isla Wren--Maeve Elizabeth--Amelie Juliet--Lyra Sophia

    Boy Names
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    I like all of your Girl/Girl Twin Combos with the exception of one (see below) so I'll put them in order of preference.

    1 Adeline Joan & Felicity Arline
    2 Juliet Arline & Amelia Joan
    3 Popply Arline and Thea Joan

    I don't like this twinset: Vada (Vay-Duh) Joan and Tatum Arline (one is exotic and vintage and the other is modern and unisex)
    Poppy Arline and Thea Joan

    My Fave Boy/Boy Combo From Your List: Felix Jackson and Jude David
    Could Also have: Jude David and Oliver Jackson
    Nolan and Elijah are mismatched for twins.

    My Fave Girl/Boy Combo From Your List: Juliet Arline and Graham Jackson
    Would Change it to: Juliet Arline and Oliver David

    The pairing of Oliver David & Thea Joan would be my second choice.

    As far as choosing which direction to go (Classic/Feminine vs. Unique/Funk)..when comparing your boys and girls lists, I think there are more classic names that go well together (Amelia, Adeline, Thea, Amelia and Felicity are wonderful with Oliver, Jude, Graham, Felix and Elijah). The only contemporary names are Nolan and Poppy and they would make a good g/b duo as well. Just a word regarding Vada. I would think there may be pronunciation issues with this name. The "Vay-Duh" pronuncation would not be intuitive for me. Veda is "Vay-Duh" (like the sacred Hindu books). I would be more apt to pronounce Vada like "va-duh".
    All the best,

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    Here are my favorites for each gender and why;

    G/G: Juliet Arline & Amelia Joan- I like the subtle connection of these two with the reversed initials, don't know if that was plan but its a nice way of connecting the twins! Juliet and Amelia are sweet spot names to me, known but rare. Both sound romantic and sweet.

    B/B: Graham Jackson & Oliver David- I tend to appreciate more classic names when it comes to boys. These are sweet spots too. Classic but still unpopular.

    G/B: Vada Joan & Jude David- I actually prefer Vada spelled Veda, but both sound very vintage and exotic. Jude is a classic and toughens up Vada. With Vada though, I like Arline as the middle name.

    Hope this helps, congratulations!
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    G/G combo: Juliet Arline & Amelia Joan (love the fact that their initials are swapped, yet their first names are complimentary but not too similar)

    Boys: some many good ones....

    with Jackson I like both Graham and Felix
    with David I would swap first and middle in the case of Oliver, because I do not like the initials O.D., unless your last name starts with G obviously
    Love Nolan David

    So option 1:
    Graham Jackson and Nolan David

    option 2:
    Felix Jackson and David Oliver

    option 3:
    If I may suggest a third.... Nolan David with Felix Jackson

    Girl boy: Juliet Arline or Amelia Joan and Graham Jackson (slightly prefer the Amelia Joan combo with M in both FN and middles both starting with J and ending with N - very much the twin without NN being too matchy Let's say Milly and Gray)

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