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    Hate to bump this, but I find this discussion fascinating (if lightly immature).

    I'm the exact opposite. I would feel odd using names that DIDN'T match my heritage, not because they belong to someone else, but because they don't belong to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparrowfinch View Post
    I've mostly tried to stay out of this because, especially in THIS thread, the discussion has gone from a discussion to attacking people, but I really want to thank Spring13 for her thoughtful, tempered, and eloquent response. Your first 3 paragraphs in your first post are an exquisite explanation of cultural appropriation and the next paragraph is a wonderful window into what the heart of the issue is from your perspective. This is how discourse is done. Thank you for taking the time and risk to do it.
    I couldn't have said this better myself. I too, thank you, Spring13.
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    WOW! I responded to the the other thread without any idea that this whole debate was going on! Thank you spring13 for the education... I didn't have the slightest clue about the meaning of Cohen.

    All in all I agree most with celianne. Don't you want a name that is at least a nod to your OWN heritage? I don't have kids or plan on having any... I'm here mostly to get ideas about changing my own name. I'm a Christian of Scottish-Irish descent and I can't imagine having a name that didn't acknowledge something of either my ethnicity or faith.

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    Totally agree with spring13. The thing that gets me the most is not that you still want to use a name that's offensive to many, it's that you seem to be telling people they aren't allowed to be offended by it. Whether you like it or not, your son is probably going to figure out someday that his name is seen as insensitive to some people. I hope the way you've approached the subject here is not the way you approach disagreements and sensitive issues in real life and I hope you will teach your son how important it is to care about how we come across to others, even if we don't understand why they are upset or offended. Like you said, it's a maturity thing.
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    I'm getting really tired of all this belligerent anti-Semetic cr@p on nameberry. You are a troll stop posting.

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