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    For me, since there are so many other fabulous names out there, I would just choose a different one that isn't so controversial. OP, I understand what you're saying. I'm not Jewish, don't live in a highly-populated Jewish area, and I still don't completely "get" what is offensive about the name Cohen. But knowing that it CAN be offensive to some is enough to make me not use it, out of respect. I would be uncomfortable if someone named their son Jesus Christ. I try to see it along the same lines as that.

    If it helps, I knew a kid growing up whose last name was Koen. Pronounced the absolute same, but spelled differently. Maybe that could be an option? Names with a similar sound: Boden, Rowan, Logan.
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    If you like the sound of Cohen, what about Koehn? It's German, pronounced co-en, and a variant of Kuehn.
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    Guys, just ignore them.

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    I am not a "troll" or a sock puppet either... that kind of name calling is quite unfortunate… just for stating my opinion, I am being threatened to be blocked from the site. I won’t fuel the fire and will tune out…

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    I feel like you should care because you're not Jewish. We should be sensitive of other people's religions and cultures. I'll admit that I, too, don't really "get" why it's offensive. As a Christian, it wouldn't bother me if someone named their kid Priest or Pope. I mean, I wouldn't like it, but I wouldn't be offended. Still, you know that this name does happen to be offensive to many Jewish people, so using it anyway would be pretty inconsiderate. Plus, even though you don't live among many Jewish people now, you're child is going to venture out into the world someday. Do you really want him to potentially have to deal with the repercussions of having a name that offends an entire religion? I would suggest using Coen instead. Very similar, but comes from completely different roots (Dutch short form of Conrad, meaning "brave") so you lose the religious baggage. As for middle names...
    Coen James
    Coen Anthony
    Coen...I don't know. I'm not great at combos, we just use middle names to honor family. I would suggest avoiding names that start with C or N and names that end in N.

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