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    I've only been a member for a couple weeks but it's given me something fun to do while nursing my daughter at 2 am or during naptime. I have fun playing around with names I wouldn't actually use in the name games section.
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    Welcome to Nameberry! @feberin
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    I've been obsessed with names ever since I was a child. I'd pull my mom's baby naming books off the shelf and pore over them constantly, especially this one about baby name astrology (which thinking back was a really odd thing for my hyper-conservative Christian mother to have, haha). I started countless "stories" and "plays" for the sole purpose of having an excuse to come up with an exorbitantly long list of "main characters" on which I could bestow all of my ridiculous name crushes. That's not something I ever talked to people about before Nameberry, which is odd because I was really vocal about all my other interests.

    So Nameberry has provided a lot of firsts for me:
    --the first time I ever truly opened up about my love of names
    --the first time I realized I actually have a specific naming style
    --the first time I ever actively participated in any sort of online forum...I didn't even do this for my wedding! I'm normally just a lurker
    --the first time I made an "online friend," as in someone I've never met in person that I feel genuinely close to

    I feel like Nameberry is genuinely a community, especially compared to Yahoo Answers and even other naming sites. There are so many people here that I connect with intellectually and empathetically; even though we're from a wide range of backgrounds and locations, we all share at least one thing: a love of names. It's so fulfilling to provide assistance to each other and follow each others' name journeys. I also have to say how much I appreciate the fact that even though I'm not TTC yet, I still get such thoughtful and helpful feedback on all my lists and my threads!

    To sum up: Nameberry is awesome (Pam and Linda may you live forever), and Berries are the bomb diggity
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    Wow, thanks everyone. You made my day....or should I say, life? Really such lovely sentiments and so generous of you to express them! Thank you.
    Pam Satran

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    Thank you!

    Oh wow, sleepysessha--this really warms our hearts.

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