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    How do you pronounce these twins names?

    I have a Facebook friend with twin girls called (forgive me whilst I break up the names so they cannot be found via google ect)

    Za*lee Ryan and Hal*lee Drew (no *'s I'm just breaking it up)

    How would you pronounce these names? at first I thought it was like Hayley and rhyming Z*alee, but it may be Halle and rhyming Zal*ee?

    Or it could even be un-rhyming Halle and Zay lee?

    These names make me cringe every time I see them posted on my live feeds, and I just don't even know how to pronounce them!

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    I think they're intended to rhyme.

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    I'd say that the second one is like the actress Halle Berry, hal-ee. The first one though? I haven't the slightest idea. I'd probably say zal-ee, rhyming with Sally.
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    If I saw them separately I'd say Hal,lee like Halle Berry (hal like pal, long EE). I'd say Za,lee like Zay-lee, with zay rhyming with say or play.

    But together, Hayley and Zayley (rhyming) makes more sense to me. I'm so confused as to why one would have 2 Ls while the other has just the one.

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    I would pronounce them as Zay-lee and Halle but that is just my guess.

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