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    Question Middle name for Sydney...need advice!

    My husband and I really like the name Sydney for a girl. I am having difficulty coming up with a middle name. Below are some initial thoughts. Would love advice and more ideas! We already have a daughter named Mallory Ava. I like classic names with a little bit of vintage. I was originally thinking that the middle name needed to be one syllable, but I am down for anything that flows nicely. Not into the middle name Grace, Ann, Marie or Lynn. I welcome any and all opinions. Thanks for your help!

    Sydney Olivia
    Sydney Claire
    Sydney Elyse
    Sydney Ella

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    I like Sydney Claire from your list.

    All of the names you posted are a bit on the short side so following that trend maybe..

    Sydney Leigh
    Sydney Belle
    Sydney Louise
    Sydney Cora
    Sydney Rue
    Sydney Clara

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    I also thought Sydney Claire was nice.

    How about:

    Sydney Maeve
    Sydney Faith
    Sydney Jean
    Sydney Alanna
    Sydney Isla

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    Sydney Claire is my favorite from your list. Some of the names don't flow well because of the double E sound (i.e. Sydney Elyse). Sydney Caroline was the first combination that came to mind.

    Some other possibilities:

    Sydney Lane
    Sydney Jane
    Sydney Tess
    Sydney Lenore
    Sydney Charlotte
    Sydney Honor
    Sydney Alice

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    You may want to look into the list Old Lady Names under Name Image. Those may pique your interest. What's the first initial of your surname and how many syllables does it have? A few of the links in my signature may help in judging your full name.
    * 5 easy ways to judge a baby name

    * 21 other baby name rules worth following

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