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    Bettina is another option but I like Betty and Elizabeth
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    I think Betty can be fresh & fun, but it feels less substantial for me. It makes me think of Cindy or Hattie, of course it's done, but it just doesn't feel very serious or refined to me. That said, I do love Betty. I also think a lot of middle aged people won't be able to move past it being a "grandma" name, at least not until they are charmed by your daughter. Personally, I would use a longer formal name to get to Betty. I would probably opt for something besides Elizabeth, something more likely to remain as Betty, not be switched to Lizzie by a MIL who can't get into Betty! Bettina is perfect! It's distinct on it's own, intuitively nicknames to Betty, yet feels more formal & mature if she wants that in a name.

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    I second what Jesba said. She won't hate you even if she hate her name.

    Me, I dislike Betty (sorry!) I just can't see her appeal, but then it's only me. Betty is also not a name I like to stand on it's own, I prefer more formal name. My favourite way to get Betty is Bethany. If you choose longer name, she has more nn options.
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    I'm stark raving mad for Betty. Please use it! Your daughter will love you.
    I favor the Bette spelling - more glamorous and standalone, like Bette Davis. What will you do for a middle name? From your list I quite like
    Bette Violet. The repeated "et" sounds are pleasing, and Violet's sassy purple sings next to Bette's retro polkadot beauty.

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    It is a bit dated to the ears...and unfortunately hasn't made a comeback. I really like the suggestion of Lilibeth and using Betty for short, though Lily is prettier. Similar names that might work better:


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