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    My grandmother was Betty but her full name was Elizabeth. It's cute, but I'd give her the full name. IMO Betty on it's own is similar to naming a child Jenny instead of Jennifer or Ben instead of Benjamin. Needs a full name I think.

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    I think Betty is a cute nickname but I wouldn't use it as a full name. I know an Elizabeth who gets called Betty exclusively. You can stick with one nickname with Elizabeth pretty easily I think. I also liked a previous poster's suggestion of Bettine. You get the Betty nickname more directly with this one.

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    My grandma is Betty (just Betty -- and she is fantastic) so I am biased...the "old lady" names are coming back in style. If you love it, go with it!

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    I also think you should choose a longer formal name for your daughter. Betty is too nicknameish and if you don't want to name her Elizabeth there are other choices like:

    Bettan (bet-uhn)

    Though if you can't find a more formal name for her then just go ahead with Betty it's not hideous but too short and cutesy for my taste. But I don't think she will hate you for the name Betty

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    If I was Betty, I would love my mom even more. It's a fantastic name which almost every girl would like to have but...I'd give her an option and put Elizabeth or Bettina or Bethany on her birth certificate. I see no problem with her going only by her nickname when she is little - a lot of people do that(including me) but she will have an opportunity to have something formal.
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