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    Betty - would my daughter hate me forever?

    I love the name Betty. I think of an irreverent, all-American girl in the 1940's but also a glamorous girl like Betty Draper wearing sunglasses. I can see it as a little girl name instead of just an old lady name thanks to Design Mom's daughter Betty who is absolutely adorable and wears her name really well in my opinion. My problem is that lots of people cringe when they hear me say I like Betty and I think it would be a pretty loud choice. I wouldn't wanna use the full name Elizabeth because that offers so many other nickname options and kinda feels to me like not actually picking one name, plus I think Betty stands perfectly well on its own (it was in the top 10 and ahead of Elizabeth for a long time so that makes it feel more substantial to me). But would my daughter hate me for naming her Betty? Is it too bold of a choice and too "love it or hate it"?
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    I really think people hating their parents over their names doesn't happen, so take a deep breath : D. My own mother hated her name growing up but still loved her parents. I knew a girl who changed her name as a teen for really disliking her name and she had a good relationship with her parents. I suppose if a child dislikes their name it may be painful to the parents for a time, but it tends to be in flux. I didn't like my name for a time in childhood but grew out of that, and never personalized it to my parents, so I don't think they ever felt so bad about it. Etc, etc. And do keep in mind, you just can't fully predict how children will relate to their names at any given point in time, or over the course of time. You could name her something that gets a more positive reaction from others and she might still not like it. You might name her Betty and she loves it.

    For what it's worth here are a few thoughts of mine on Betty: I think it's cute, I like it, but I generally don't like nicknames as given names. I think it's better to give people the choice to have something that looks more professional on a resume or more formal on a wedding invitation. I go by Jess almost exclusively but still prefer to put Jessica on business and formal social written material. A lot of people share that (obviously some people feel exactly the opposite, preferring to just name a child the nickname you plan to call him or her), and that is probably part of the reaction you're getting. You might get a more positive reaction if you said "Elizabeth, we plan to call her Betty". I get your point about not wanting to "risk" other nicknames, but do keep in mind that if she decides she wants to go by something else, she can do it - from Betty she could make Betsy, Bet/Bette, or Bee, or she could go by her middle name, or even just do something totally different - my own mother for years went by a different name that merely started with the same letter as her given name. Obviously, when she's a little girl that won't happen, but when she's older, who knows.

    Beyond all that, I think most people probably think of Betty White, Betty Boop, and Ugly Betty. All comic figures, and two of them definitely older and historical. Betsy probably feels a little fresher to many since there are fewer namesakes and one of the main ones, Betsey Johnson, is relatively young and hip.

    Ultimately you should go with what you love since there's nothing objectively wrong with Betty. But I do think there are some advantages to going with Elizabeth. Or you could consider Bettina, and I know a Beatrice who goes by Betty.

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    Jesba said it perfectly.

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    I adore Betty! But I love the glamorous Bettine even more!
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    I dunno about Betty as the full name. I would encourage you to use Betty as a nickname and choose a longer full name. Give your child options as they grow for the name to grow with them. She may love Betty her whole life, she may want to go by something fuller like Beatrice, Bettina, Beatrix, Roberta, Bethany, etc.

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