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Thread: He came early!

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    I babysit a red headed boy named Charlie and it fits him so perfectly! I love Charlie!
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    Aw, I love redheaded babies, so cute! Congrats on your new son!

    I like Charlie, Leo, Huck, Fox, Milo, and Duncan a lot! They're all great with Posy. I especially love Duncan, it's such an underappreciated gem of a name, and would be so sweet on a redheaded little boy.

    I wouldn't use Bodhi unless you're might not be as big a deal as Cohen, but it's still appropriation, imo.

    Rufus is a fantastic red name.

    Other suggestions: Otis, Puck, Nigel, Jasper, Rupert, Bastian, Oscar, Hugo, Cedric, Ambrose, Desmond, Nemo, Errol, Jules, Oliver, Rex, Robin, Elliott, Roland, Harry, Tucker, George, Rowan

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    Congrats on your early arrival!

    I love the name Posy!!
    All the names your considering are great, my most favourite is Leo, least favourite is Bodhi (mainly cos its a little too rhymey with big sisters name)

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    First off congrats on the safe, early arrival of your baby boy

    I like James, Atticus, and kiele's suggestion of Sutter. I think those three work nicely with Posey

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    Thanks so much for all the help and especially for the kindness. I felt a little deflated after that first commenters remarks, but yea, hormones!

    Anyway, this was tough! Posy we knew right away, but this little boy definitely took some time.

    We are all home and happy with our new son Huck Thomas. The middle honors his grandfather, as Posy has a family middle name also. We love it and think it fits him perfectly.

    Thank you all again so very much!
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