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Thread: He came early!

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    I think Milo and Archie (Archer) work best with your daughter's name. Archer would be my favorite of the options. James would work wonderfully as a middle name for both.

    My niece was born SIX weeks early and was just over 7 pounds. She was in the hospital for quite a few weeks after her birth, however. But the size -- definitely can happen! I was in the room and the OB almost fell on the floor in shock. My sister is barely 5 foot, but you should see the size of my brother-in-law!

    So happy to hear the little guy is doing well. Congrats on the special surprise!
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    Bodhi reminds me of a hot looking surfer boy!
    Love Charlie with Posy.
    Leo is a favourite of mine but don't really like it with Posy.
    I'm not sure why people have 'issues' with your birth. My understanding 36 weeks is not premmie anyway. My OB always told me anything over 36 weeks is actually full term!
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    I think Posy and Bodhi are cute together but I also like the suggestion of Ronan. Also I suggest any names in my signature.

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    Congratulations I like Leo, Charlie and Milo for your little red head. I think they all go fantastically with Posy.

    Also I don't understand why some people are shocked or doubt that a baby born 4 weeks early could 8lbs. I personally know someone who had a baby 3 weeks early that was 9lbs! Babies come in all different shapes and sizes. Both my full term babies were 7lbs & 7lbs 2oz but my friend's baby who was born at the same gestation as my eldest was 10lbs 3oz!
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    I like Leo, Charlie, James, and Milo
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