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Thread: He came early!

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    Jul 2013
    I think Leo is the front runner right now. We have to let them sit for a little while. Thanks, berries!

    (Or Charlie. I have a soft spot for it, and having a difficult time letting it go.)

    My partner just brought up Duncan. I like it. Looks like it might fit him. Again, needing to sit with it.

    Will definitely let you all know what we end up choosing. Likely tomorrow or at least by the end of the week. Thanks for talking this through with me!
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    Bodhi strikes me as very new-agey Californian. Are you Buddhists? If not, why Bodhi? Sorry to be negative, but this particular name really bugs me.
    Charlie is great. So friendly-sounding!
    Leo, though popular, is strong and modern.
    Tricky choice. Good luck!

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    No we aren't Buddhists. It's just a name my partner and I have liked for a long time. I posted here recently asking how to spell it and this was overwhelmingly the most liked choice. We are a little indifferent to the spelling. I prefer Bodhi but could go with another. We are seriously considering the Bode spelling, actually. I was worried that the Bodhi spelling would be disrespectful, such as Cohen, but the consensus here was pretty much that it would not.

    Is Leo popular? I wasn't aware. I don't know any and I meet a lot of little kids thanks to having a daughter and going to a lot of child groups and working part time in an elementary school. Perhaps it is the younger set though. We are in a trendy borough of a large east coast city, for what it's worth. Is it popular elsewhere?

    I'm glad others like Charlie too! So friendly, yes! Exactly!
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    I like Charlie and Milo. Adding Kieran, Calvin, Callum, Isaac or Arthur.

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    Oohhh, I really like Milo! Some others for you little redhead:


    And I love Charles NN Charlie. A great name all around. (And my Granddad's, who was a redhead!)
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