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    Smile help with middle name.....???

    hi everyone, new to here.....cant decide on a middle name..........can anyone help?

    Laila is the first name.....would like something to go with it.....not 'rose' tho....

    laila belle

    laila mai/mae

    laila skye

    laila blu

    laila blossom

    would love your ideas

    thanks. xx

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    Laila Belle- Too much of the L sound.
    Laila Mai- If this is pronounced like my, this is a lovely combo. If Mae, then I think the A sound might be too heavy. Lila Mae would be perfect, though.
    Laila Skye- Very pretty.
    Laila Blu- I prefer Blue (it is the correct spelling, after all) and, once again, maybe too much L. It is nice, though.
    Laila Blossom- Laila is a spunky, fun girl's name, but Blossom in the middle makes it sound kind of... ditzy. Like a cartoon character.

    Laila Reine
    Laila Seren (I ADORE this combo, if I may say so myself Love the meaning of Seren, as well!)
    Laila Penelope
    Laila Carys
    Laila Pearl
    Laila Jane
    Laila Jasmine
    Laila Xanthe

    Good luck!
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    I really like Laila or Leila!
    My very favorite name used to be Leila Daisy
    Maybe Laila Daphne? Leila Delphine?

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    Laila Belle - I actually think this flows nicely. It's very rhythmic. This would be my choice of your options.

    Laila Mae - the repeated long A sound gives it a bit of a twang, but it's still pretty

    Laila Skye - these don't fit together well imo, maybe it's because it looks like Vanilla Sky to me

    Laila Blu - I much prefer Belle, the L sound at the top of the name makes it feel a bit tongue-twistery

    Laila Blossom - same as Blue with the L sound at the top, though I do prefer it to Blu.


    Laila Vine
    Laila Breeze
    Laila Bess
    Laila Dove
    Laila Gail
    Laila Wren
    Laila Chorus
    Laila Fawn
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