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    If you have any other interesting stories about names, please share them! I was actually named after my great grandfather (his name was Clarence- hence the name Clare for me) who shares my birthday... I think that this is so strange, especially because I am a girl, but I think it's kinda cool haha!

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    I know a Tanya named after Tanya Tucker.

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    The only one I know of is my friend Ligeia. She was named for Ligeia a short story from Edgar Allan Poe. She LOVES her name, and the reference.
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    My mother used to babysit a little girl named Rachel when she was young. I wasn't named after her per-say but she must have liked the name and the little girl. So funny .

    .. Wait that wasn't what you asked.. Lol. I wasn't named after a book, movie, or play . I am also watching "Catfish" oops

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    My name is Jessica after one of my mom's favourite shows ... Murder She Wrote. :-D

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